Welcome to the Europe, Middle East & North Africa Region of the International Association of Facilitators

Facilitation is the art of "making things easier" for a group to achieve its desired results, and that is the main work of a facilitator.

In Europe Middle East North Africa, facilitators can be found in many settings. Some work full-time at facilitation in a company, university or non-profit organisation. Some run their own businesses, providing facilitation services on contract.

NEW! Facilitator training, Italy, May 2014

Our next Regional Conference October 2014

The Moscow Chapter invites you to Facilitation Reloaded: a fresh look at the role and power of facilitation in a country new to facilitation and a world where powerful forces are re-mapping our future. The Conference brochure has more details. Read the Launch brochure | Visit our web site | Register today

In light of the events in Crimea, the Moscow Conference Team and IAF Board is maintaining a close watch as things unfold in the region. A further communication about the Conference will be released on May 17th. The Call for Proposals has been extended to May 15th. We continue to plan for a successful 2014 Regional Conference, but will refund registration payments already made in the unlikely event of the Conference not proceeding. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the growing tension in the region, including IAF members in. the Ukraine. We hope, as always, that mediation and dialogue will contribute to a peaceful solution.

Добро пожаловать в Москву на конференцию международной Ассоциации фасилитаторов (МАФ). Конференция будет проходить с 3 по 5 октября 2014 года, тренинги преконференс 1 и (или) 2 октября. Пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке | Посетите наш сайт | Зарегистрируйтесь сегодня

В свете сложившейся вокруг Крыма ситуации московская команда подготовки конференции и руководящий совет IAF пристально следят за развитием событий. Следующее информационное сообщение по поводу конференции будет опубликовано 17 мая. Период сбора заявок спикеров продлен до 15 мая. Если это окажется необходимым, срок окончания сбора заявок будет продлен. Мы продолжаем планирование успешной конференции IAF 2014, но в том маловероятном случае, если конференция не состоится, внесенные участниками регистрационные взносы будут возвращены. Мы мысленно со всеми, кого затронула нарастающая напряженность в регионе, включая членов IAF из Украины. Мы надеемся, как всегда, что медиация и диалог помогут мирному разрешению ситуации.

London Learning Expedition

Dear IAF members and supporters,
Please save the date! We'll be meeting in London on Friday 18th July in the morning, until Saturday 19th, in the afternoon/early evening. Our goal is to guarantee that the expedition will be a real journey for facilitators, and that the place you'll be on Friday morning will not be the same as the place you'll be on Saturday afternoon - physically, emotionally and professionally.

You are invited to share ideas about places to visit, people and teams to meet, activities to organise. Your contact persons for this expedition will be Julia Goga-Cooke in London and Lorraine Margherita in Paris.

If you want to make suggestions, please join the conversation in http://linkd.in/LzO7gU

Europe MENA Region

IAF Europe MENA is the European, Middle East and North Africa region of the International Association of Facilitators and our goal is to make it easier for European, Middle Eastern and North African facilitators to connect, share resources and learn about events and activities taking place in this Region of the world.

Facilitators meet locally in IAF chapters, and annually at the IAF Regional conference. They share news through the IAF Europe MENA newsletter, our website, forum and blogs.

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Future Events

05 May 2014 • Paris, France
16 May 2014 • Ventimigila, Italy
20 May 2014 • Brussels
20 May 2014 • Gothenburg, Sweden
22 May 2014 (UTC+02:00) • Rossum, Netherlands

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